How to pack a bedroom (part 3)

There are special mirror cartons which you can purchase from your moving company. It’s best to pack your glass mirror in such a box, but make sure the box can carry the weight of the mirror. Otherwise, ask your mover about having the mirror crated.

Draperies, curtains and blinds

For packing your curtains, drapes and blinds you can successfully use wardrobe boxes to hang them for moving. Those may also be folded and packed in medium-sized moving boxes lined with clean paper.

Electronics, antiques and valuable arts

Make sure your mover knows about your collectibles and valuables prior booking transportation. It’s because transporting may require special conditions, crating or packing supplies. Purchasing an additional moving insurance option is highly recommended.


Mattresses should be placed in mattress moving cartons for added strength and cleanliness.

You can empty your dresser drawers or leave them but seal closed. Make sure the drawers are light enough for two people to carry and move them. If there are any fragile items or liquids, pack them separately in boxes and fill the empty spaces with bubble wrap. Remember to label the box “fragile”.

Start taking the smallest pieces of furniture out, such as your desk, TV stand, chairs, dresser, etc. and put them in whatever vehicle you are using to move. Finally, consider moving your wardrobe and bed.

Rugs and carpets

A nice idea is having your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned before moving. The cleaners will wrap and roll them to be ready for transporting.

Consider loading your rugs and carpets last in the moving truck and unloading them first at your new place. This way it would be easier for placing your furniture right on top of them.