How to pack a bedroom (part 2)


Pack hats separately in medium-sized cartons or hatboxes with the heavier hats at the bottom.

Don’t pack anything heavy on top of hats.

Label all boxes accordingly.


If you keep the individual boxes of your shoes, place them in their original boxes and then in medium-sized boxes.

However, if you don’t keep the original boxes of your shoes, wrap each pair together in newsprint paper. Place them in boxes and label accordingly. Don’t pack anything heavy on top of shoes. You may use pillows, soft blankets or other light clothing to top off the box.


Carefully tape shut and wrap any bottles you’re going to take with you to prevent leakage. Pack them in small cartons.


Most companies will not move valuables without proper insurance. So, it’s best to take them with you when you move or consider hiring a third-party armored vehicle service for transportation.

Use small boxes to place your jewelry and valuables in to be easier for you to keep them safe for the journey. Do not pack your valuable things together with household goods.

Bedding, linens, towels and pillows

Use a clear plastic garbage bag to place your blankets, sheets, tablecloths, towels, pillowcases and other linens in. Seal well and place the bags into a moving carton that has been lined with clean paper or use them as a cushion for stuffing into odd spaces on the truck.

Wrap the most valuable items in tissue and make sure they are thoroughly dried prior to moving.