Renting storage space

If you are about to move to a new place, but your new home is not completely ready or there isn’t enough space to hold all of your stuff, you can look into storage options. Whatever the reason is, the solution would be renting storage space. Take a look at our advices on the topic.

Some moving companies provide storage services to keep your household goods or treasures safe for any length of time. It’s also convenient to book with such companies because their movers will deliver your items directly from your home to the storage space.

Be sure to get an online quote for the rules of storing your items in such facility and the ability to access your items when it’s convenient to you.

However, before taking the decision to rent storage space, consider throwing away or donating unnecessary items. It’s also a good idea to make a garage sale or give some of the items to your friends or relatives. This way you’re going to minimize the quantity of your excess storage, thus saving money when renting a smaller place to store your possessions.

Think about the items you’re going to store. Do they need special conditions to be stored at? If so, consider renting climate-control facilities to prevent damages caused by temperature changes. Climate-control facilities are more expensive to rent, but if you are keeping valuable papers, wine or vehicles, they’re worth the price.

Make an inventory list with the items to be stored, before making calls to moving companies. Having that information, the professionals will be able to give you more accurate quotes and it will be easier to determine the size of the required storage unit.

Do a research to find a reputable moving company which can provide safe storage of your belongings. Ask about the crime rate in the area where the facility is located. Find out if they’ve had any break-ins or reports of any problems.