Tips for purchasing moving boxes

If you’ve decided to pack your items on your own, you know that you have to purchase wrapping supplies and moving boxes. These are the packing materials you are going to need for moving your household stuff.

When choosing moving boxes, keep in mind that:

There is a variety of sizes and types of moving boxes to choose from. You have to select the ones that fit your specific needs. Moving companies also provide moving kits that include most of the boxes and packing supplies you need. You can add or remove items to customize any kit.

If you can’t afford buying boxes for all of your stuff, consider using old shipping boxes or boxes from grocery stores. You could also ask friends who have recently moved if they have some boxes to borrow.

For your expensive, fragile or sentimental items, it’s always best to purchase new moving boxes to make sure they won’t be damaged. Moving boxes are specifically manufactured for household moving and the packing supplies used by professional moving companies provide the best protection for your items.

Use small moving boxes for heavy items and try not to overfill them. Use large boxes for light items. Even if you’ve hired professional movers to carry your boxes, you should not make the boxes too heavy. Remember that if circumstances demand it, you may have to move some of the boxes yourself, so make sure you’re able to lift them.

Some boxes, such as wardrobe or electronic boxes, may naturally be heavier. Just try to keep the number of those boxes to a minimum. Use as many standard-sized boxes as possible, as this is the way to effectively use the truck space.

Moving boxes are manufactured using single- or double-wall corrugated cardboard. The thicker the wall of the box, the stronger the construction and the more items the box will be able to safely hold.

After you have made a detailed inventory of the items you’ll be packing, consider purchasing the right type of ready-made moving kit that provides the right amount of supplies for the equivalent number of boxes.

When you’re purchasing moving boxes, you will see them presented with three inside dimensions in the following order: length, width and height or depth. For example, a moving box with dimensions of 18″ x 14″ x 12″ indicates the box’s length, width and height, from the top down into the box.

For more details about box usage and types, check out the following list.