How to pack pots and pans

For packing your cookware it’s best to use small to medium sized boxes. If you can’t afford purchasing new moving boxes, you can use old shipping boxes or boxes from grocery stores. You can also ask your friends to borrow some boxes. If you have some valuable pieces, however, you’d better buy moving boxes that are specifically manufactured for household moving.

Before placing your stuff inside the boxes, at the bottom of each box add some Styrofoam packing peanuts or slightly scrunched-up brown paper or newsprint. This will help with shifting.

Place the pots on a clean working surface to see which of the pots and pans you can place inside larger ones. Such nesting is really useful to organize space inside boxes. Before placing a smaller pot inside the other, remove lids and extra parts and place a piece of brown paper or packing paper over the larger pot.

Try to stack the pots in groups by three. After nesting the pots, turn the stack upside down on top of several sheets of paper. Fold all of the paper sheet corners over the stack in order to wrap it carefully. Tape it tight. You can also use cloth towels for a better protection of your valuable pieces.

Place the stack inside the box you have prepared and repeat the packing procedure with the rest of your cookware. On top of the stack inside the box you can put other fragile items.

Try to not overfill the boxes and be sure they can be easily lifted and carried, if it’s necessary to move some of them yourself.

After packing is done, tape the boxes well and put labels with what’s inside and if there are fragile contents. You can mark the boxes additionally with numbers indicating their unpacking order.