Two to three weeks before moving day

Packing up your entire household can seem like mission impossible. Just do not panic and try to have all of the things on the moving list checked. If you have two to three weeks left before moving day, consider the following tasks to tick off.

If you haven’t packed your stuff yet, this is the time to begin packing. It’s best to start with your documents and valuables first. Prepare all the boxes and wrapping supplies that you have purchased or borrowed.

Try not to overfill boxes. Use small boxes for the heavier items and large boxes for the lighter ones. Make sure you are able to lift most of the boxes, if it’s necessary to do it later. Do not forget to use labels on your boxes indicating what is inside.

Continue packing kitchenware, bedding, clothing and mark them “Open first”, so you don’t have to search for them later.

Finish up the major packing room by room and leave yourself just a suitcase with enough toiletries, clothes and other necessities for a few days.

Plan meals so you use up whatever is in your refrigerator.

Set a date for having utilities at your home disconnected. Confirm that electricity, heat and water will be up and running when you arrive at your new residence. Also book a move-out and move-in cleaning.

Reconfirm with your moving company and purchase extra moving insurance if you have valuable antiques, collectibles, and pieces of art. Also, notify the movers if you add or subtract items from your planned move or if there is a change of the date.

Take meter readings and get refunds of any deposits made.

If driving, have your car serviced for the trip (check tires, brakes and windshield wipers, fluids, belts, etc.).