How to pack glass ornaments

Some of the companies selling glass ornaments typically put them in a box full of peanuts. This method is a little risky as ornaments try to settle to the bottom of the box and are more likely to crush.

Cracks, chips and breaks can cause a valuable ornament to become worthless in an instant. So if you wonder how to safely pack your favourite glass ornaments, check out our advices on how to do it right.


When storing your ornaments, try to protect them from extreme temperature changes and high humidity conditions – such unstable environments can cause fractures over time.

First thing to do is guarantee ornaments are individually wrapped in tissue paper, microwavable paper towels or cotton batting.

Then, store them in sturdy plastic containers (plastic will keep out moisture) or sturdy cardboard boxes with secure tops.


Before shipping pack your ornaments using the most efficient method of box within box. Although this is a boring job to do, it may save your valuable glass pieces from crushing.

Place each ornament in a light weight plastic bag. Wrap the ornament in cotton batting for a cushion. Then, put it into a small box and make sure it will not move around. Wrap this box in bubble wrap. Hold the bubble wrap in place with scotch tape.

Place this box inside a much larger box that is filled with peanuts, bubble wrap or crumpled paper. Tape the final box closed with packing tape. This way, even if the outer box is crushed, it will be hard to crush the inner boxes.