Useful packing tips that will help you manage your time

Moving sounds scary and exciting in the same time, doesn’t it? The thought of starting a new life in a new place keeps you thrilled, but one thing could mar your happiness – the process of packing and carrying all your items. Sometimes is just too hard to balance between work and possible looking after the kids, so finding enough time for arranging items in boxes could be a mission impossible. It is pretty common for packing to be left until the very last minute, that leads to increasing stress levels and being in rush.

If you could just pack and transport your possessions with a magic stick would be fantastic. But in reality this task is entirely dependable on you or at least you can entrust the job to somebody else. There are many removal companies in London that can do this for you, but if you are determined to do it on your own, here are some simple tips to make your packing easier and smoother. Just remember that as early as you start to prepare your packing, the better you will organize your time.

1. The best way not to get lost while packing is to start placing things in boxes room by room. Keep similar items together, this will be of a great help when unpacking begins.

2. When you start to sift through your belongings you will be surprised how many things you have that you don’t need anymore. There is no point to take them with you, so you can do a clear-out in order to make your job goes easier. All unwanted staff put in boxes for charity or just recycle them.

3. Make sure you have a sufficient amount of boxes in different sizes and appropriate packing materials. You can also use old newspapers for lining boxes and wrapping of fragile items such as glasses, plates and vases.

4. Don’t overfill boxes; otherwise you may not be able to carry them. It is a common practice to use small boxes for heavy items and big boxes for light things.

5. Label each box with its content. This step will save you a lot of time and effort when you have to put them in order in your new place. If you miss to do that you may end up in searching through all your boxes before finding the right item.

6. You will need separate boxes for your fragile possessions. To avoid any damages of them, use plenty of newspaper, tissue or bubble wrap and place the objects in the boxes in a way they cannot move.

7. Collect all important documents such as passports and birth certificates and keep them in a safe place. Make sure you have an easy access to them in any time.

If you have plenty of heavy items, furniture and expensive equipment, that need special attention when transporting, you should consider hiring a removal company. Man and van experts know how properly to load and unload luggage because they have the necessary training and knowledge.