Tips for a successful garage sale

As moving day approaches, it’s time to schedule your moving sale. A garage sale is best for earning some extra money while selling your unwanted stuff.

There must be a pile of unnecessary items you have accumulated over the years – old toys, magazines, books, clothes, antiques, souvenirs, plants, cookware, appliances, pieces of furniture, gadgets in your closet or under your bed, etc. Do you want these to add extra weight to your storage?

You might consider donating or throwing away some of the items. But try selling other stuff before leaving. This is what a garage sale is good at.

First thing to do is ask your friends and family members to help you quickly sort your belongings supposed to be for sale.

Having listed the items you’re going to sell, try making them appealing to customers.  Good looking items are worth their price. So take your time to give everything a good cleaning. If you still have the original packaging for an item, put it all together. If you still have all your owner’s manuals, tape them to the gear they came with. Tag prices but do not announce them too high to lose clients. After all, your main goal is to get rid of the unwanted stuff.

Be organized as big department stores would. Group everything by room or category. For example, kitchen appliances go next to kitchen cookware or gadgets; and books, CDs or DVDs are sorted in collections. This is a working strategy to make a shopper leave with several items instead of just one.

Do some local advertising. Post flyers or signs around your neighbourhood. List what you have for sale to notify shoppers what to expect. If you do not have much to sell, your neighbours might be interested to join your garage sale selling their items too.

Think about some snacks and drinks to give away to shoppers during the sale.

Be prepared with shopping bags, tape, markers and boxes for packing up purchases. Also give calculators, smaller bills and coins to your assistants to make change.

When the sale is over, if you still have items that you couldn’t sell, consider donating them or give them to your friends if they want them.