How to find a reputable moving company

It’s a tough decision choosing a reliable moving company among hundreds of companies. After all, you have to find movers you can trust to pack and move all your belongings. There are important things you should pay attention to when choosing professional movers. So, your research, although time consuming, is definitely worth it.

Some of your friends or colleagues have probably moved once or twice in their life. You should ask them about the moving companies they have used. If they have been pleased with the service and their move was a smooth one, they can recommend the company. Or, if they happened to have bad experience, they can warn you about companies you should not trust.

You may also talk to local real estate agents or consult the phone book to find moving companies that have actual physical addresses and offices.

Look on the internet for the companies’ business websites to find out more information about their services and destinations they move to. However, having a website does not make a company legitimate. Pay attention to the contact information provided to ensure the company has a physical address, e-mails, and phone numbers. If a registration number is provided, you can web check the company status. Also, go through the “Testimonials” page to read customer reviews. Do not forget to read the “FAQs” and “Terms & Conditions” section to know about extra fees, hidden charges, licensing and insurance. And, always insist on written correspondence. Get your on-site quotes from each potential company to compare prices.

We hope that the resources provided to you will be helpful in making your move a smoother process. Do not hesitate to contact our team for any questions you may have. We at Izzy Removals will be glad to help.